Once Upon a Time in Eastern Europe

#5 - Kate Carlisle & Steven Carlson

November 06, 2020 Kate Carlisle / Steven Robert Carlson Season 1 Episode 5
Once Upon a Time in Eastern Europe
#5 - Kate Carlisle & Steven Carlson
Show Notes

Kate Carlisle asked me to turn the mic around and let her interview me.

I happily agreed.

When I first met Kate, she was a production designer working side by side with Editor, Tom Popper and Copy Editor, Desmond MacGrath. She came on shortly before I left the newspaper, but we traveled in the same circles. 

In more recent years, Kate has captured my attention on social media with her vegan humor, animal memes, and what appeared to be a budding romance with a former Budapest Week colleague, Jannes Hartkamp, a rumor which I can confirm to be true.

I invited Kate to introduce this episode:

"City Mag Budapest Week started in the early 1990s, as the so-called Eastern bloc was crumbling. A clutch of edgy, sharp and revolutionary media enthusiasts started a weekly, that any non-Magyar could access — both for the language and salient reporting. It was just damn well written.

"Steve Carlson was one of the founders along with a group of irreverent and brilliant shaker uppers. He is compiling archives, interviewing colleagues of old and has stepped up to make sure history is not lost. Kate Carlisle, another Budapest Weeker from the past, interviews him about fading cafes, print runs, missing pages and how it was to be part of history in the making."

Thank you, Kate Carlisle!