Once Upon a Time in Eastern Europe

#3 - Bob Cohen

October 19, 2020 Steven Robert Carlson / Bob Cohen Season 1 Episode 3
Once Upon a Time in Eastern Europe
#3 - Bob Cohen
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What to say about Bob Cohen? 

Our friendship predates the newspaper.

The other foreigners I met knocking about Eastern Europe in the late '80s were an odd bunch: itinerant language teachers, folk musicians,  folklore researchers,  linguists, and other misfits.

That's a pretty good description of Bob.

As soon as we started the paper, I wanted to bring Bob onboard. The only reason we hesitated was because of his unreasonable demands to be paid. 

But it worked out in the end because Bob Cohen was our funniest writer.

Bob was present at the dawn of _Budapest Week_ but he doesn't remember much about those conversations, and there's a reason for that.
Bob describes the origins of the term 'expat looney syndrome,' which was a wide-spread, if largely undiagnosed phenomenon of Hungary in the early '90s
Bob tells us how he met Dork Zygotian, and shares the pride he felt hearing his former roommate publicly denounced by arch-conservative Hungarian nationalist of the early 90s, Istvan Csurka