Once Upon a Time in Eastern Europe

#2 - Rick Bruner

October 14, 2020 Steven Robert Carlson / Rick Bruner Season 1 Episode 2
Once Upon a Time in Eastern Europe
#2 - Rick Bruner
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I met Rick Bruner through his father, Richard W Bruner. Dick was the first editor of the Budapest Week, as well as my mentor and friend.

Rick Bruner, Tibor Szendrei and I are the three surviving founders of our newspaper. That's a sobering thought.

Dick was the gray eminence of our little startup team. He convinced us it could be done. He introduced us to his wide circle of friends, and many of them became our contributors, supporters and friends.

Rick and I had a contentious relationship, but as he reminds me on this episode, that was part of our magic.

In the first six months of the paper, we struggled every week to fill a 16-page newspaper without an office, staff or even a reliable income.

Rick and I soldiered on together through sleepless nights and impossible deadlines. We argued over headlines and commas and inspired each other to further effort.

It never would have happened without Rick and Dick. Dick and Rick.

Rick speaks about who his father was, how he arrived in Budapest and what he meant to the newspaper
I remind Rick of the role that he played in developing Tim's voice as our resident nightlife columnist, Sam Worthington.
Only one _Budapest Week_ writer really managed to crack the Hungarian humor code,--satirizing the Magyars without offending them.