Once Upon a Time in Eastern Europe

#1 - Tibor Szendrei

September 28, 2020 Steven Robert Carlson / Tibor Szendrei Season 1 Episode 1
Once Upon a Time in Eastern Europe
#1 - Tibor Szendrei
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Tibor Szendrei was one of the first people to commit to creating the Budapest Week, and as our single Hungarian partner, Tibor also had the most to lose. In this episode, he talks about why.

We knew we could count on Tibor when, for example, a local printer required 300 dots per centimeter, rather than per inch.

But he was so much more than an interpreter. Tibor's silver tongue smoothed relations with our key partners, including distributors, computer suppliers and printers, especially when we couldn't pay them, which was often.

Tibor's other superpower is the ability to absorb the Hungarian press and crank out page after page of concise, coherent English-language news and analysis. 

These days, he performs this service for news publications in Brussels.

Tibor and I are working to collect and digitize the Budapest Week archives. We only have a partial archive, so we're calling on former colleagues and friends to fill in the gaps.

Tibor and I reflect upon those innocent days when it was possible to barter and sweet talk our way into the equipment we needed to start a newspaper.
We had a difficult time getting humor right in the early days, and Tibor and I talk about why.
Could Tibor imagine himself working in Hungary again as a journalist?