Once Upon a Time in Eastern Europe

#0 - Bruce Lewis

September 19, 2020 Steven Robert Carlson / Bruce Lewis
Once Upon a Time in Eastern Europe
#0 - Bruce Lewis
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I asked my old friend, Bruce Lewis, to kick off this project with me by recording the pilot episode. He's is an accomplished guitarist, born and raised in Lexington, Kentucky. 

Bruce and I were introduced by a mutual friend, Bob Cohen. Bruce became my roommate shortly after I left the newspaper, kicking and screaming.

He wrote a few pieces for the Budapest Week, but this interview isn't really about the newspaper, although I did try to steer it in that direction.

Bruce describes what it was like to live in Budapest in the early 1990s, and how his experiences changed him. 

He also talks about some of the talented musicians he met and played with, throughout his many years gigging in Europe.

Bruce shares his first impressions of Budapest's 1990s expatriate dreamworld
Bruce talks about how his experiences in Budapest changed the way he sees the world
I invited Bruce to talk about the many other talented musics he met and played with in Europe